For the most part, I haven't updated this site in years. I hope to do something with it soon, but for now, I've made a few links inactive.
There might be a few significant changes here over the next months... ya never know.

linda lee studio These days, I make a lot of jewelry. And I sometimes paint, and examples of that can be found here.
If you have completed Pathways, I can paint your contract! To see finished contract paintings, please click here.
To see more information about any of my jewelry, click the linda lee studio link, or click any thumbnail to be taken to the page about that specific piece.

Now, for some pieces that are not available... again, click the picture to go to a page showing more pics/info about each piece.

First... mother's bracelets. I can make these as special orders (for more info, email me at lindaleestudio at


Now for some other pieces...

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