Well, like I said before, I have no idea why you're even here. Obviously, there must be a reason, especially since you came to this "about me" page. So, I'll humor you. But that's the only reason I'm doing this-- humor.

So, well, here are some general facts:

Name: Linda Lee Tritton

Age: 30, though that tends to increase periodically.

Sign: Gemini/Cat (That's the Chinese astrological sign, sometimes called Rabbit). And yes, I'm very characteristic of both signs. I'm shy but I love attention. Tell me how much sense THAT makes.

Height: A very tall 5'9

Hair: Yes I have hair. It's somewhere between chin and shoulder length. Light brown with blond highlights.

Eyes: Last time I checked I had eyes. They're green.

Heritage: Isn't that a joke? I'm a mutt. Actually, a good percentage of me is Irish (intense = definitely, passionate = of course, temper = you bet, though it takes an awful lot to get me truly angry), then my name is English (so that makes the other good percentage of me English), and then a little mix of Swedish and Black Dutch.

Where from: Originally from just outside of Dallas, Texas. That's right, I'm a "HEE-HAW Texan" but don't hold it against me. I've lived in Nashville, TN (for school), Philadelphia, PA (don't ask why! long story, and Philly sucks), Boston, MA, and then back to Texas. I live in a little house north of Dallas.

Function: Meaning, what am I doing with myself? Well, I graduated from Vanderbilt in 1998, where I was an Education and English major. But, it took me 5 years because I started out as a piano performance major, and it took me too long to change my mind. I'm still very musically oriented, though. Eventually I want to teach high school English (and creative writing?), become a famous poet, writer, essayist, get my PhD (doesn't "Dr Tritton" sound so cool?), and end up a college professor. Finally, I'd like to be able to make my living as a writer/poet/essayist. For now, I make lots of jewelry... I work as a technical writer/trainer/instructional designer after a not-so-brief stint as a manager of a travel agency.

Status: I'm happily married. We have 6 kids... 5 cats and 1 dog. Sounds like a lot, doesn't it? Some days, yes, it is a lot.

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