Michael GWYNNE Johnston That's G-W-Y-N-N-E with two "n"s... Michael is an awesome guy, despite admitting to be a pretentious asshole at times.
Charlie What an awesome page!
Sven is too smart for his own good!
Steve A sweet guy from Jersey
Nancy! A great friend of mine from Jersey. We were roommates one year, we'll be friends for life.
Keith I'm waiting for him to add more!  Haha!

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random stuff & people i've found along the way

Hinde Sight A very comprehensive personal homepage. There's a little of everything here! Just go there.
Dr Ozone This guy is The MASTER of graphics.

A great place to hang out, especially if you love San Francisco
Dan Garrison is a cool guy who gets around. is a place to get lost when you've got nothing better to do. Such a talented writer, and a beautiful young woman.
Wisdom Need to search for something literary?
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an online community

Jeremy Haub Just an all-around cool guy.
Everything Fades "The palest ink is better than the best memory."
Ordinary A club to share your (extra)ordinary stories.
The Fray

APO people

Seth Fulmer A brother at Drexel
Laura Costa
Highway's Page Welcome to the Rim...
Icky Renee Rhodes (I like this page a lot)
Kerbear Kerri Burnette (Nice page)
Giggling Tumbleweed Jenny


need help designing your webpage?

Webmonkey This is a great resource! Building a webpage step by step
Have no clue whatsoever? You need this site then
Here is one great page This site corresponds with David Siegel's book "Creating Killer Web Sites"


Texas Driver's License Application This is GOOD!
The Dallas Morning News
Texas Cooking Magazine
Travel Texas It's like a whole other country
Cowboy boots online


sites i visit often

Bank of America
Fleet Bank's Homelink
Six Degrees Ever heard of that theory that everyone in the world is separated by six degrees?
The Weather Channel's homepage
Sav-On Discount Office Supplies I used to work at one of these while I was at home during the first couple of summers from college
United Women's Voice An online British magazine for women


What to Expect Your First Year of Teaching
Recruiting New Teachers
Project Gutenberg Fine literature digitally republished
US Department of Education homepage
Massachusetts Teacher's test info

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