Animal Photos!


so cute!  she's sleeping all curled up on the bed here.

sitting in front of the back door.

bri lying on the floor... she was playing with the kitty toy (a first! or so it seems) and i caught her attention.

looking perfectly angelic lying on the large windowsill we have in the kitchen.

and, here she is sleeeeeping all curled up on the bed.


lounging on the cabinets (one of his favorite things to do!).

snoozing on the couch.

licking the fancy feast spoon!

he also likes to sleep on top of the computer monitor.

brett might kill me for posting this picture, but i couldn't resist!  it's too cute!


when you go to pet that exposed belly, she acts as if she can't stand it.  you'd never know judging by this picture!

she looks very regal here.


perched on the computer desk.

snoozing in my computer chair.

aww!  daddy cuddling with his new kitty.

a really cute picture of zubi all cuddled up asleep with daddy.

another really cute picture of zubi cradled in brett's arm.


here is cici sitting on the floor, looking back at me.

here's a cute, although blurry, picture of cici lying on her back, exposing that rather rotund tummy.

oh, what a great shot this was!  i was really happy to capture this second on camera.  she thought she saw a bug on the wall, but it was actually just a nail sticking out of the wall.  i caught her mid-jump!


picture of sadie on the couch.

a super-cute picture of her lying on the couch.

we were trying to get her to pose, or just look at the camera!

here's sadie outside, lounging and playing with her rope.

another picture of sadie with her rope.

a picture of brett rubbing sadie's head.

here she is leisurely lounging on the couch.

another pic of the same-- but this one is kinda funny.

aww.... what a little sweetheart.

Groups of kitties

this was a great moment-- geryn and brianna gazing at each other, one on the couch, the other on the floor.

geryn and brianna sitting on the bar, looking at who knows what.

geryn, zubi, and brianna all snoozing on the bed.

a rare moment!  brett, zubi, and sadie all asleep on the couch.

a super-cute picture of zubi and geryn, sleeping together on the bed.

and, brianna and geryn lying on the floor, facing each other.