Meet Ceclia Marie. She has no idea what her full name is, so she answers to Cici. I got her in July of 1999, which ended up being a really good time for me to get a cat, since I was about to go through some really seriously bad times. She literally helped me survive during the summer of 1999. I don't know what I would have done without her!

She was born sometime around the end of May 1999. I got her from an animal control officer. Since my birthday is the end of May also, I'm designating my birthday as hers too.

Cici does a lot of crazy things...
and as you can see... I waste a lot of film on her.

Here she's munching (and wondering why this bright light is flashing at her)
I love
this picture! Her little feet are all curled up...
She's hanging off the bed in this picture, all
sprawled out
Cici is my "
curly-tailed kitty"
In this pic she looks like an
alien with those big buggy eyes...
Cici loves to sit in the
window, especially when it's open, so she can look outside at the world.
Now she's all curled up in a little
ball on her favorite chair.
One of Cici's favorite things to do is get a drink from the
sink... but she doesn't like to get caught.
This picture and well, this one too, are just hilarious!

New Cici Pictures:
She's all grown up now... but she still does plenty of kitten things.  For example, she likes to play fetch with her ball of yarn.  I'm serious!  I throw the ball of yarn, she runs and gets it, plays with it, then carries it to me so I can throw it again.  Don't believe me?  Well, you will now.
Cici likes high places.  The top of my closet door, for instance.
And on top of the bureau (this is my old apartment in Boston)
Finally... a couple of pictures of me holding my beloved kitty.

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