Two people spinning like binary stars--
always chasing each other
in an unstoppable circle,
one gazing at the other with a sense of helplessness,
while the other glares back--
trying to figure out what one is thinking.
Though they can't stop, they also
can't touch each other,
can't hold each other--
can only smile in half-understanding,
because though they share the same experience,
they have separate ideas
of what exactly is happening,
and until one eclipses the other just long enough
to stand still for an arc of an instant
just to hear a whisper of long hair rippling through iced air,
before impact,
when one stops,
the other kills one with all the force of wanting to believe
that they can escape the circle.
So they go on, defenseless,
and we watch
in awe
of such splendor.


1998-2000 linda lee tritton

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